• Project scientific approach & activities

Project scientific approach & activities

The Scientific logic is based on two axes:

  1. The assessment of market responsiveness for environmental and health guarantees;
  2. The evaluation of the possibilities of reducing inputs on the vineyard and in the cellar.

An analysis the standards and regulations evolution will be transverse to these two axes.

Activities will focus on:

  1. The development of product innovations (experimental wine development: wine strategy with a strong additives reduction ) and the measurement of consumers' real arbitration on the different intrinsic characteristics of wines.
  2. Organizational analyzes and technico-economic measurement of farm efficiency. Co-construction between research centers and cooperatives on the environmental improvement of wine-growing practices: sociological analyzes and incentive procedures.
  3. Measurement of the capacity of farms in the SUDOE region to strengthen environmental performance and assessment of  the technical possibilities for implementing health and environmental strategies.